CTO Position

San Francisco, California, United States of America


Meet Ava - your team AI-powered HR assistant. 

Be Aware is an early-stage startup from San Francisco. We are bringing the KPI of Happiness into the workplace through Ava. 


You can: 

- Become an equal co-founder

- Build the product from the scratch  

- Hire your team  

- Make employees all over the world happier

- Work in a great team  

- Be part of 500 startups  

- Have an access to the newest technology 


We expect you to:

- Be enthusiast in chatbot community

- Have built multiple bots for Slack/Workplace/Messenger/etc

- Have at least 5 years technical background 

- Being able to hire and manage dev team remotely 

- Be fast, positive and result oriented. 

 Join our happy family


CTO, co-founder, and daddy for Ava