Full Stack Engineer at Dashbot

San Francisco, California, United States of America


Dashbot is a venture funded early stage startup providing analytics for conversational interfaces.

We believe natural language is the preferred way for humans to interact with technology. Our mission is to enable our customers to create compelling conversational products that make technology more accessible and easier to use.

We are backed by ffVC, Bessemer, Samsung, BDMI, Scrum, and Rembrandt.

The founding team has a proven track record of building successful companies and having a great time while doing it. We love doing startups and you should as well!


We are looking for a full stack engineer comfortable architecting and optimizing the real time data pipeline that will ingest thousands of transactions a second as well as building the reports and tools that will enable our customers to build and improve their products.

You should enjoy the god like power of processing huge amounts data in literally the blink of an eye.

This is a rare opportunity to be one of the first engineers hired at a rapidly growing startup.



* Optimize and add features to the data ingestion pipeline 

* Help design the next generation of our architecture that will scale to 100x our current transaction volume 

* Implementation of security and data protection to protect our customers data 

* Integration of the front-end and back-end aspects of the web application to quickly provide compelling reports and insights to our customers 

* Deploying and monitoring our service to maintain a high uptime while still iterating features and functionality quickly in an agile development environment.


Skills and Qualifications

* Love moving fast in an agile development environment 

* Experience ingesting and processing terabyte size data sets in real time 

* Experience developing responsive website with modern development frameworks (We use: Node.js, React.js, AWS lambda, mysql, AWS SQS) 

* Experience designing and implementing sql based reports that are both compelling and can be run efficiently. 

* Data migration, transformation, and scripting 

* Management of AWS hosting environment, including scaling an application to support load changes 

* Ability to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests (to move fast you have to know everything still works) 

* 5-15 years experience building scalable web application 

* 5 years experience working with large data sets