Senior Software Engineer

Perth, Australia



We're looking for someone. Someone to help build our digital health platform (for insurers).

We just raised funding and need another pair of hands. With 1/3 of the population becoming obese, 3bn self-tracking devices on the planet, and new possibilities in AI, we see a huge untapped opportunity to use real world behavioral data to help people stay and become healthy. To do this we've build a mobile coaching platform that draws on mobile data (location, movement, comms), wearable data (like Basis, Jawbones and Fitbits), and that uses AI to hold coaching conversations with our users.

That's where you come in. We need you and your brilliant mind. You'll be many things to us: the go to guy for platform improvements, the trusted builder of great features, a fifth/sixth member of the team, programming guru that builds working stuff and ideally a teller of dry but humorous jokes. 

And if all goes to plan you'll help us build a beautiful, intelligent tool that nearly everyone on the planet likes to use.

You won't be doing this alone. And you'll be compensated for helping our company grow, with money, and the pleasure of working with a cool startup on a great project.

The Role:

  • Creating technology that helps 1000's of people stay or become healthy
  • Key developer for the backend of our health platform
  • Work closely with our mobie and AI teams
  • Working as one of the core team members for a startup in health-tech
  • Full-time based in our Leederville office, Perth
  • Market rate salaries ($90.000 – $120.000)

Skills & Experience:

We'd love someone with a BSc in Computer Science (or something similar) and some great experience, however if you're a genius who dropped out to do something cooler we'd love to chat. Ideally you would have:

  • Bachelor / Master degree in CS or similar
  • 3 Years Web Development experience and/or similar position using this stack:
    • Platform: Azure
    • Backend: C# / ASP.NET / MVC / SQL Server
    • Web frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Libraries: jQuery, Angular
    • Repo: Github