Full Stack Developer

Montreal, Canada


Develop web UIs using HTML5 and a modern framework like ReactJs that interacts with scalable, reactive micro-services that are loosely coupled using mechanisms like HTTP/REST API or a message bus with meaningful unit tests. Work with our designers to iterate and improve the UI over time, listen to and integrate user feedback.


  • A university degree in Computer Science or relevant work experience.
  • Functional and Object oriented programming experience.
  • Deep understanding of asynchronous programming.

You are interested in 

  • Source code management like GIT and github
  • Event Sourcing
  • ReactJs/Redux/webpack
  • Functional Pogramming with ImutableJs, Lodash, underscore, Rx, ...
  • Continuous Integration (Travis, Jenkins, GoCD)
  • dev/ops tools like docker

 A plus

  • Scala/Java/Javascript/HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • Akka actors, Akka-HTTP and Akka-Streams
  • React Native
  • Elixir/Haskell/Swift
  • Knowledge/experience with AWS/Azure/Digital Ocean/Heroku/dokku
  • Interest in and experience with machine learning and AI powered chatbots (deep learning in particular)

About Automat

Automat is making it easier for anyone to build a messaging bot that uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to enable business conversations at scale. Here’s some recent press about us:

Learn more at www.automat.ai, or message us at m.me/automatinc