UI/UX/Conversational Designer

Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Remote OK


Swelly is looking for a a UI/UX/Conversation Designer for it's bots and apps.


This is a lead Position at a fast growing, well funded start-up based in Santa Monica, California and Vienna, Austria.

We're looking for a full-time UI/UX/Conversation-Designer at one of our offices or remote as well as a full time.

Swelly just reached 700k users who help each other on decisions like #whattowear#whattobuy etc.

Our bot: m.me/swell.bot 
Our app: http://www.swl.wtf/app


As a US and Austrian company we provide our team with the best perks of both countries. Every employee will have 5 weeks paid vacation/year. Furthermore we invite every US Employee to Vienna for 3 months per year and every Austrian employee will get the chance to visit our LA office for 3 months per year.


Of course every remote employee can choose to visit our offices as well.


Have a swell day,